TEC Creates Scholarship

TEC Creates Scholarship is an online space where the research, scholarship and original work of employees of the Grimsby Institute, East Riding College and Scarborough TEC are collated.

The submissions range in size and scope.  Some are full articles; others are abstracts or reflections on practice.  Some are photographs of original work or videos of events.

The TEC Partnership encourages all staff to engage in research and scholarship which develops the knowledge within their discipline, develops the pedagogy within their discipline or researches our overall pedagogy.

By submitting the artefacts, the authors have made claim to the work being their original work and their intellectual property, with others’ ideas referenced as necessary.

In order to submit an artefact for consideration or if you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Links to external content on this page are not controlled by the TEC Partnership, and we cannot accept responsibility for their content.

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Scholar Tag: Russ Woodward

URL Russ Woodward, Mandy Boyd and Reece Leggett : I Can Get There: Developing and Assessing Student Career Self-Efficacy

URL Russ Woodward & Raychel Robinson : Increasing Student Reading and Discussion in Higher Ed: A Co-Creation Based Approach

File Russ Woodward & Clare Tuck : Developing Data Analysts

URL Russ Woodward & Tim Veal : Switching the Spotlight: An Approach to Teaching Critical Analysis in Conceptual and Applied Learning

URL Russ Woodward & Nicola Pattinson : Informal Peer Learning of Diverse Undergraduate Students: Some Learners Make Meaning through Collaborative Activity

URL Russ Woodward, Mandy Boyd and Ian Rodwell : Learning by Working Together: Developing and Checking for Group Integration Across Diverse Disciplinary Cohorts